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About Us

Allow us to introduce you to our company, The Brain Training Center. We are a branch of Dumas Psychology Collective, a community mental health agency. 

The Brain Training Center is a wellness program whose most central offerings include neurofeedback, meditation, and yoga. Our dynamic neurofeedback training is an innovative approach to decreasing suffering that doesn’t entail a medication prescription, nor does it require a specific clinical diagnosis. Everyone can benefit from our program.

We use a machine to measure the brain’s cortical activity. The computer gives the brain feedback about what it just did, and the brain sorts out what is best for it at the moment, essentially training the brain to function at its best. Our program and brain trainers work with each individual to reach the end goal of self-regulation of the central nervous system. 

Our type of neurofeedback aids in:

  • Attention & focus

  • Migraines

  • Chronic pain

  • Anxiousness & impulsivity

  • Maladaptive behavior

  • Sadness

  • Trauma

  • Performance anxiety 

  • Recall of events, places, people, and items

  • Addiction

  • Insomnia

  • Overall mental and physical health including hair, skin, and nails

  • Challenges with weight loss

  • And much more

Our other offerings of meditation and yoga classes support the mission of training the brain to function at its peak. Meditation and yoga are free to United Bank employees and discounted to other business occupants in the bank building.

‘Brain training’ makes waves aiding with mental health, addiction

Nov. 20, 2019 – BECKLEY, WV –

An alternative form of healing is making waves when it comes to mental health.

Dr. Kristi Dumas at the Brain Training Center in Beckley gently placed wires on her client’s head. Dumas is a psychologist and certified brain trainer.

The client asked to remain anonymous.

“I feel just relaxed and in a state of clarity,” said the client.


Our Services


What’s Included In A Session?

A neurofeedback session involves 33 minutes of lying back in a recliner chair while listening to music and watching a colorful image display on a screen, all while your brain trains itself to work better!


Guided Classes

Yoga is just another way to train your brain to handle those feelings of stress, anxiousness, nervousness, and more.
Our yoga instructors will guide you through the best techniques that work for you.

Guided Meditation

What Is Guided Meditation? Participants meditate under the verbal guidance provided by one of our professionals. It is a form of meditation that is a collection of integrated techniques that include relaxing music, guided imagery, mindfulness, and more.

What is Neurofeedback?

Here is What You Can Expect.

We use a machine with a computer system that measures the brain's activity in frequency, strength, duration, and shifts. The machine gives the brain information about its activity, and the brain sorts out what is best for it at that moment, essentially training the brain to function at its most optimal level. Our certified brain trainers assist in setting goals and helping to track the positive life shifts as a result of participation in this life-changing wellness program. On your first visit, you can expect to sign the typical intake paperwork, set goals with your trainer, and develop a wish list of positive life changes. The connection to the machine is simple and painless. You then sit back, relax, and let the machine and trainer do the work. What are you waiting for? Train your brain today

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